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How to Grow Your Instagram or Blog Organically. Real Digital Marketing Tips to Make More Money

Content Building

Hi, I am Brian Ka, owner of Fifth Degree, In Vein, Plus Size For Less, and Honest American News. When you are building your content, you must make sure to focus on three elements which are

  • Audience
  • What is being delivered
  • Outcome for the audience

Focus on these three elements to build a fan base first. The information you are putting out also needs to be:

  • Consistent
  • Put out on a same platform

Generally, it takes about 9 months or more until you start to see some audience gain. This is assuming that your content during these 9 months are top of the line and valuable. You cannot sell anything right away to your fan base. You need to give your audience core target what you promised to deliver on a consistent basis. Also make sure to explain to them the outcome of what you are delivering.

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