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Hi, I am Brian Ka, owner of Fifth Degree, In Vein, Plus Size For Less, and Honest American News. I have built million dollar companies with various marketing tactics and now I want to share them with you. So the most important thing when it comes to digital marketing is:

  • Audience
  • What is being delivered
  • Outcome

The information you put out in the digital world or platform also needs to be:

  • Beneficial or solve a problem for audience
  • Consistent
  • Put out on a same platform

You cannot sell anything right away to your fan base. You need to give your target audience beneficial information consistently before deciding to sell anything to them. (This can take anywhere from 1 year or 2 assuming that you are promoting yourself EVERYDAY.)

If you are a young entrepreneur new to Instagram WordPress SEO Tips marketing or digital marketing in general and want to start making millions of dollars, you should listen closely to what I say in my website. Also, if you enter your e-mail address below and I will send you secrets to growing your website organically!

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