SEO Marketing – 5 Questions To Ask A Search Engine Optimization Company

We have dealt with countless companies both small and bit in regards to search engine optimization and every company or person has a different goals in mind. This business is shrouded in lots of confusion and everyone you find online seems to have an answer for your needs or quick fix solutions for your problems. Even though we are not saying all these online helpers are bad, you must note that there is not a university that trains you in this particular field. You must go through trials and tribulations before recognizing what works in the field of SEO and what doesn’t.

Truth be told, even the people who claim to be “experts” often do not know what they are doing themselves. They may put up a front and have a fabulous meeting explaining everything in little technical details but these solutions that are not proven may negatively affect your website’s well being and eventually hurts its rankings. Sometimes, we even see some websites get permanently banned from Google as a result of forceful application of illegal back links and so forth. After Google bans your website, no matter what you do to it, it will be close to impossible to get your website back to its old status.

So we have here a 5 step guide which will help you in the right direction when choosing your SEO company for the first time. Whether you are in the process of looking for one or already have found one, we believe these 5 step guiding process which we have created and learned through lots of trial and error will prove vital to your marketing success. So here it is, your 5 step guide to SEO success:

1) is it possible to get my website to #1 in Google?

This is probably the most important issue out of the five. I mean why are we hiring a SEO agency in the first place? To get on top of the search engines right? Every SEO agency will give you different answer and to be honest, there is no right answer here. Because Google’s algorithms change all the time in undisclosed manner, it is impossible to weight what the consequences will be of manipulating the system but we can get a basic idea. A great place to start would be to look at what your competitors are ranking and what they are doing to market themselves online.

  • The best answer you go deep into back linking and doing this organically instead of trying to rig the system.
  • There are organic ways to increase rankings in search engines and these can be done through posting good valuable information online and this is the direction that a good SEO agency should head towards

It would take lots of research of your competition in order to know what keywords are ranking and not ranking and how easily it is to access those keywords to get them on top of search rankings. So when you get an answer that is short and quick, you must note that it is not likely that they have put in the effort to really analyze your website and the competition. Moreover, watch out for those who guarantee quick success. As aforementioned, doing SEO quickly is not possible because Google algorithms are smarter than human beings now. (No pun intended) So make sure you get a thorough answer explaining what steps are going to be done in order to increase your rankings online.

2) So after the site goes live, how will I make sure the site is showing up everywhere? If I don’t understand how to do this I am a beginner

When you look around, most SEO agencies or people who claim to know SEO will say they have submitted the websites. After many years of experience, we have realized that submitting your website more than once does not necessarily increase its rankings at all. In opposite, if you keep submitting your sites over again and again, Google may actually penalize you for this and your website may suffer a drop in site search rankings. Being spammy is the worst thing you can do to your website and you never want to provide this type of user experience to anyone out there on the web. If you look into it deeper, nowadays all these search engines can read your site automatically and will rank it for you without you having to do it multiple times. One thing that we do recommend however is to link all your websites to Google webmaster console because this may actually help your rankings dramatically because it lets Google know that your site is live and well. This should be the fundamental basis of any website building and not all webmasters know this.

3) Everybody talks about link building. What is link building? I don’t understand it. Do I need it, and how do I do it? Please explain

When you start your SEO campaign with your agency, it is very important to note that all on page SEO has to be done flawlessly before any off page back linking starts. It is not easy to learn how to back link yourself so this part of the process is highly recommended do be done by a professional. If this is hard for you to understand, think of it this way. You are stranded on an island and there is no bridge to get to anywhere. When you have multiple bridges linking to your lonely island, chances are you may get people who come and visit you and sometimes may leave your things (orders) like food. The more votes you have across the spectrum meaning more links you have it will help your rankings to climb. There are people who claim to link build over night but keep in mind that now Google knows whether your links are fabricated and will penalize you heavily if you try to rig their system. So do be careful before deciding to link build no in an organic manner.

Number one rule of thumb to remember when building links is make sure you get quality over quantity. Don’t waste your time building links from sites that have no traffic at all as this can actually lower your rankings and hurt your website. Make sure all the links you generate are from quality websites which will tell Google that your site is well worth visiting. So remember, getting links from high authority sites like CNN.com is better than some site that you have never heard of before.

4) How can I measure the SEO process or analyze what is going on with my website?

There are so many paying and non paying tools to measure the success of your campaign online. The tools will help you see what leaks you have in your website and help you regain exposure and traffic by closely examining what is working and what isn’t. It is very important for the agency and the owner of the website to understand the key metrics so that both parties can get the right numbers and metrics to keep on refining and improving the site. The website must be closely monitored long term to find out which key phrases and keywords are working and which are not. This is a very important process that cannot be overlooked.

5) Instead of going organic from the beginning, do you start with pay per click marketing and recommend it?

Yes we recommend this traffic for people who just opened their websites because if you want your website to rank organically it will take months or perhaps years for google search engine to properly index everything including content of your web page. So if you heard that this type of marketing is unnecessary, truth be told, you are wrong. It is very necessary to give your website some link juice to start it.

So Why is that people say I should start with pay per click marketing? Can you please explain why?

Because organic process takes a long times as I explained above. It is very difficult to rank right away so it is very useful to use PPC method to bring some traffic in the beginning and automatically make it learn from its visitors. This is a very highly effective method which is utilized by us and we have been experiencing lots of success in this. Moreover, organic optimization is very competitive. As a result, Google will take a long view and measure and compare websites for years before placing you on top of the list. So always remember that in the beginning, organic traffic alone will simply not get the job done.

Lastly, how to find the keyword that you want to rank for? Do lots of research! and do more research! If you use any of the paid tools, you are likely to get good vital info so you are on the right track. Even though google keyword tool is good, we recommend another research tool because Google just won’t give you all the nitty gritty details! It’s true! Nowadays paid traffic terms will give you all necessary keywords and weed out terms that are not being targeted by your ads so starting with this method is key!

So make sure next time when you are choosing your SEO agency for the first time, you

Ask these five questions, analyze the answers questions carefully, and use your best judgement!

Brian Ka is the owner of Instagram Search Engine Optimization Service SEO Instagram and professional SEO marketer who has coached hundreds of big major corporations.

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