Best Guest Post Guidelines Ever Created

Are you sick and tired of writing so many guest blog posts and they just don’t appear in the search engine? You are not sure why you are guest blogging any more because it is not generating any traffic? If so, read this article and follow the best guest post guidelines we created to bring more traffic and revenue back to your site.

Research Research Research!

Before guest posting anywhere, make sure to research and read other posts that are there. See the quality of these post so you can get an idea of how you should post in these blogs. Moreover, you can read comments on the blog or any other things written on the blog to get an idea of your audience. See the most popular pages of that website and see what is bringing people back to the site. If you want to get a high ROI on posts that you create, it is vital to have many participants engage with your content. So always encourage them to take part in your blog and leave comments.

Generate Ideas

So once you get an idea of how your guest blog should look, now start thinking of different ideas. Backlinks are crucial however you must make sure that your article is unique and not plagiarized. Your title also must be fun and exciting so your readers will actually click on them. Really think about what your readers would value. Remember, it is not about you it is all about your audience.

Looking for inspiration? Well we have plenty of websites where you can look for inspiration. Go to Reddit, Google News, or Buzzfeed. Try to focus on a niche instead of diversifying everywhere. You must build a list of subscribers before you can diversify. Before you can offer your subscribes anything, you also must build a relationship first.

Start Creating Your Guest Post

Sometimes I write posts that are ultra focused and well written in 2-3 hours sometimes it takes half a day. For me it really depends on my condition that day and whether have done enough research for me to write that particular subject. We recommend for blogs nowadays to write at least 1000 words minimum. There are some digital marketers that say 350 or 500 but most of our top ranking pages are sometimes 2000 words long and very detailed. If you are competing against billions of other bloggers online and you write 350 words less than your competition, there is no way that you are going to rank.

Don’t just blabber because remember giving value to your audience is key. Make sure it is premium quality because it will keep the webmaster of that blog happy and also will likely generate more traffic this way. We cannot stress the important of user experience here. Everything is about the user experience and your blog should cater towards improving this. Let us talk about some key guidelines when writing a valuable blog post:

Don’t write with complicated words

Unless you are writing for lawyers or doctors, your writing needs to be very to the point and easy to comprehend. Imagine that you are teaching a bunch of fifth graders and try not to use words that may confuse them. If a person cannot understand more than 20% of sentences, he or she is likely to leave right away. So make sure to keep it simple enough so that majority of people can understand what you write.

Include Backlinks

Consider putting in inbound and outbound links at the same time. Or you can even interlink and link to another page on the blog. Adding some outbound links will make readers feel like they are reading something more balanced instead of you shoving bunch of irrelevant baclinks into your audience’s face. Interlinking is a must have strategy because it generates more traffic by giving more key metric keywords thus attracting more readers. Don’t just put backlinks out there. Make sure they are genuinely helpful to your readers and not for the sake of building links. Google is very smart nowadays and knows whether or not content was built for backlink purposes only. This will drastically have negative impact on your site authority and rankings.

Title is often overlooked but it is most vital

Some blogs display the whole entire article up front but most nowadays only use the title and short excerpt to display the guest posts. This translates to you must have a killer title in order to grab people’s attention. Make sure to hint at something shocking or intriguing. Asking shocking questions or what people are curious about now is a good way to attract readers. Doing a list of best top items is also a great way to start your blog for some niches. Before doing all this however, do a little bit of keyword research and see if you can find any important keywords that may rank easy. If you can target those keywords with less competition, you will be able to rank easier. It is better to rank number 1 on something than rank on 1000 against really competitive keywords.

You may also bookmark the live URL and submit it to major social bookmarking websites to get targeted traffic. All you have to do is google it and see what options are available for you. Sometimes this indexes the article faster but sometimes this step isn’t necessary as Google bot crawl does an amazing job of finding articles online.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing Quantity over quality – In the event that you produce ten posts in twenty minutes for different online journals, at that point congrats you are a speed essayist, however you’ve likely squandered your significant time. It is profoundly far fetched that these presents are going on be interesting, keep up a decent stream, or even have the majority of the capabilities should have been acknowledged onto severe and high PR destinations. Go through twenty minutes on a solitary post rather and receive the benefits from sacking an incredible backlink! In the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise to spend on an incredible blog entry, consider enlisting a substance composing administration! In case you’re content is connecting with, intriguing and tackles an issue, it is almost certain individuals would need to connection to it without anyone else’s input.
  • Boring to Read – regardless of whether it’s an exhausting title or subject, you are missing out on perusers. Make it sweet and take their consideration immediately! Utilize the catchphrase examine you have done to discover practical issues in the specialty and give a decent arrangement an appealing title that simply must be clicked.
  • Low PR Sites – Concentrate on websites that will turn out to be a significant backlink source, not ones that are crude and low quality. On the off chance that you are having issues discovering high PR destinations tolerating visitor blog entries, at that point consider buy guest posting service from a solid SEO organization. Continuously watch that the blog that you are posting on has a Google Page Rank of at least one, has great area specialist and does not contain copied content. This will guarantee that the blog you are posting is of a decent quality and isn’t probably going to be punished by Google later on.

Regardless I firmly believe that visitor blogging is an extraordinary strategy to reach focused on crowds whenever done effectively. The secret to any visitor blogging effort is that it ought not absolutely be done to assemble backlinks, it ought to be done to give clients arrangements and supportive substance that attracts them to click your connections and along these lines you will end up getting more customers from the visitor blog. More customers that visit your blog mean increase in profit make more money.

In case you’re searching for somebody to source top notch guest blogging that writes in your specialty, I do offer a service where I source specialty online journals, compose quality substance for your sake and submit it for you. You can visit my SEO organization at SEO Instagram and learn more about my services.

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