How To Win The WordPress SEO Game

I received an e-mail from Hoth SEO today and it was so good that I wanted to share with you guys. It’s hard to stay motivated with SEO because this is a long game not short game. If you feel down because you are not getting results right away, make sure to read this.

How To Win The SEO Game 


It’s no secret that SEO results take time, but I want to share one secret I learned that makes all the difference.  


It took several lessons learned the hard way before I finally figured it out.  

And how can you blame me…

Immediate results are loved by all and sought after by everyone, but unfortunately that’s not how Google and the SEO industry works.  

When I first started doing SEO I would buy a couple links, write a few blog posts, and then…nothing. 

No traffic spike, no keyword jump. It was painful that my time and effort seemed wasted.

So I tried it again: built more links, wrote more articles.  

And again, no results. It was so frustrating that it almost made me a non-believer in SEO. 

But then after doing this a few more times, I started to see some teeny-tiny results.  Traffic starting bouncing up, the number of keywords I was ranking for was increasing.  

And that’s when it hit me: consistency.

People (including myself!) get mad and quit SEO because they buy a few links and it doesn’t work right away.

But you have to keep your head down and keep grinding knowing results are only a few links and blog posts away.

It’s now obvious to me that when you commit to SEO, good things happen. 

Here’s a digital services client of ours who used our managed SEO service for 6 months:

In the graph above you can see the timeline – They did SEO consistently for 6 months, but started doubting and stopped… but then almost immediately after that, the results started kicking in!

So they hopped back on a bit later, gave it some more consistent effort and doubled their traffic again.

Here’s another example of a client who just stuck with it, but this time did it for 12 months straight…

This is a health and fitness client of ours who has increased their web traffic by over 700%!!

SEO is a long term game, but with a simple mindset shift towards commitment, it can easily be overcome.  

That’s why we’re incentivizing commitment in February!

When you commit to 6 months of our managed SEO service, we’re going to DOUBLE your deliverables in the first month to get your campaign off to a hot start. 

And when you commit to 12 months of our managed SEO service, we’re going to TRIPLE your deliverables in the first month to get your campaign off to roaring sizzle, flaming hot, volcanic magma start in February!

This is a limited time deal, don’t miss out.

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