Grow Your Instagram Organically with My Team

Hi there!

We are SEO Instagram. In this Gig, we offer organic growth services for Instagram and Facebook.

My team consists of 11 people currently, that are collectively growing all our client’s Instagram accounts. We have been active since 2017 and since 2019 with the current system, shortly after IG banned all of the software and have been helping businesses and entrepreneurs successfully ever since.

Our services include:

  • hashtag traffic method (manually done by three of my team members from different locations in the world)
  • Basic and advanced hashtag strategies
  • home traffic method (manually done by two of my team members from different locations throughout the world)
  • targeted niche engagement (manually done by one or two accounts members per account)
  • Advertising campaigns 


  • 1) Concerning the IG Growth Service: We grow all our client’s Instagram accounts organically and manually. We do not use any bots or 3rd party software that uses automation.
  • 2) Our services do not directly trigger any bans on IG. We have never gotten any accounts banned due to our service being done manually is fully in line with the guidelines of Instagram.