IMPORTANT! While you are using SEO Instagram, we highly recommend NOT using any other similar systems and even try to avoid access to your Instagram account via your phone. The less number of simultaneous account access – the less probability to get blocked or banned by Instagram.

IMPORTANT! Bound your account to your Facebook profile, this reduces the risk of ban dramatically.

Make sure you have access to the email which was used to register on Instagram.

Add at least 6 photos to your account by your mobile phone.

Upload an avatar for your account and fill out all parts of your profile.

External links must only lead to websites with original and unique content.

Images must not be taken from another account without their agreement (or at least you have to modify them).

Do Not create accounts with similar names (Instagram assumes xxx1, xxx2, xxx3 as identical accounts))

Images and captions of all your accounts must be different.

IMPORTANT! When you are promoting your account(s) with SEO Instagram, we highly recommend publishing post also by e-mailing it to us at publish@seoinstagram.com

Ensure that your content does not violate the rules of Instagram. We are not responsible for your actions and their consequences.

If Instagram realizes that you have identical accounts – They will ban all of them.

It is good to post regularly, one photo per 1-2 days. When your account looks alive you can get more likes and comments.

Profile photo and profile biography are required and must be different for all of your accounts.

After your purchase, one of our representatives will e-mail you for confirmation and get login and password information for your Instagram account. So please put in the correct e-mail address when finalizing your purchase through PayPal.